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Baby Food/ Formula/ Diaper

Baby Food, Formula and Diaper

Brand: Goo.n Model: 853904
GOO.N Diapers XL Size ( 12-20 Kg ) Unisex, 52 Count  Made in Japan..
Brand: Goo.n Model: goon-mix
goon Diapers 3 Cases 9 Packs, Mixed Size NB114 5Kg , S104 4-8Kg, M80 6-11Kg, L68 9-14Kg ,  NB114, S104, M80, L68, XL52  3packs/per carton..
Brand: merries Model: Merries-mix
Merries Diapers 4 Cases 9 Packs up , Mixed Size NB96 5Kg , S88 4-8Kg, M76 6-11Kg, L64 9-14Kg , XL44 NB96, S88,M76, L64  2 packs/Per carton XL44 4packs/Per Carton..
Brand: Moony Model: moony-mix
moony Diapers 4 Cases 8 Packs, Mixed Size NB96 5Kg , S90 4-8Kg, M68 6-11Kg, L58 9-14Kg ,  NB96, S90,M68, L58  2packs/per carton..
Brand: Pampers Model: PPR01
Pampers ichiban Diapers 3 Cases 9 Packs , Mixed Size  NB 88 , S80 , M66, L54.NB 88 5Kg , S80 4-8Kg, M66 6-11Kg, L54 9-14KgNB 88, S80, M66, L54   3packs/per carton..
Brand: Ajinomoto Model: 087242
Age: For babies over 9 monthsJapanese miso AJINOMOTO high-quality cooking salt, the king of Japanese salt, can be directly used or directly sprinkled on watermelon fruit, etc. , delicious, can also be heated, without the use of MSG can be completed cooking. All of them are processed using Japanese r..
HK$36.0 HK$39.0
Disney Nakato Micky & Friends Pasta Tricolore 200g
-12 %
Brand: Disney baby Model: 301064
Nakato Disney Micky & FriendsPasta TricoloreIngredients: semolina, spinach, tomatoesShelf life: In addition to the product labelStorage method: avoid direct sunlight, store in high temperature and humidityCountry of origin: ItalyNutritional ingredients (per 100g)Energy: 357kcal, protein: 12g, fa..
HK$30.0 HK$34.0
Brand: Hello Kitty Model: K200522
We kneaded four-color vegetable powder without using any pigments to pursue higher safety. Knead 4 kinds of colorful vegetables (spinach, carrot, purple mushroom, red beet) into powder,Reduce salt by 50%No additivesSmooth texture, rich in nutrients and easy to absorbRe-sealing design, always keep fr..
HK$29.0 HK$32.0
La Tourangelle Walnut Oil 500 ml
-10 %
Brand: La Tourangelle Model: La Tourangelle USA Ver.
Description• Artisan Oils• Roasted• Non-GMO Project Verified• Handcrafted in California• With 150 Years of French Tradition• Distinctive, Flavorful and All-Natural• Kosher• Contains an Average of 1.24g of Omega 3 Per Serving• Contains an Average of 2g of Omega 9 Per Serving• Gluten-Free• Sodium-Free..
HK$52.0 HK$58.0
Morinaga Easy Mix Hot Flavor Pre-Cake Cake Mix 120g
-8 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Morinaga Model: 553653
Country of origin: JapanSimply put milk and eggs into the hot cake mix in a zippered bag, check each bag, and squeeze it from the nozzle into the hot plate or frying pan to easily create a fluffy and moist hot cake .No rolling balls, whisk, corn puff or measuring cup are required, so cleaning is ver..
HK$23.0 HK$25.0
Nippn Easy To Mix Hot Fragrant Cake With Cake Powder 150g
-13 %
Brand: nippn Model: 095878
A pancake mix that can be made with water without the need for eggs and milk.① Just add water to make "the rich and soft sweetness of eggs",② It can even be mixed in a bag,③Lightly bake, you can easily bake the usual delicious pancakes.*The baking powder used in this product does not use aluminum co..
HK$20.0 HK$23.0
Pigeon DIY Ice Cream Cube Apple & Carrot 20g (10g x 2 bags) 12m+ Pigeon DIY Ice Cream Cube Apple & Carrot 20g (10g x 2 bags) 12m+
-8 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Pigeon Model: 13363
Pigeon Ice Cream Cube Apple Carrot 20gContent 20 grams (10 grams x 2 bags)Ingredient name Foods with milk as the main ingredient, sugar (sugar, corn syrup), vegetable oil, apple juice powder, carrot powder/emulsifier, sodium caseinate, uncalcined calcium, flavor, carotene pigment, antioxidant (vitam..
HK$23.0 HK$25.0
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