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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting PARPEE.COM. Access to and use of our site and the related services are made available to you in accordance with the following Terms of Use and any other terms and conditions posted on the site. By using our services, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

 PARPEE.COM (“our site”) is owned and operated by IREACH TECHNOLOGY LTD. For all of the terms and conditions in our site, “PARPEE.COM” will be known as IREACH TECHNOLOGY LTD. and PARPEE.COM (or “we”). And terms and conditions in PARPEE.COM are also applied to IREACH TECHNOLOGY LTD., its employees, and the outsourced companies. 

No Representations

This Terms of Use does not acknowledge any relationship between you and PARPEE.COM (including but not limited to partnership, joint venture, employment or other relationships). It does not entitle you as a representative of PARPEE.COM.


You need to register an account to use part of the services in our site. For registering an account, it implies that you agree to provide the true, accurate, complete and current information, and you have a valid email address provided to us. Please refer to the “Privacy Policy” for more information on how we use your personal information. For the age under 18 year-old, their parents or guardians should know our “Privacy Policy” before register an account on our site. PARPEE.COM reserves the rights to only accept orders from the age over 18 year-old.


Account Security

By visiting and using the services of our site, you agree to be responsible for all activities taken through your account. Also, you have the responsibility to ensure your personal access data confidentially. If you suspect your account is stolen or unauthorized by third parties, please contact us immediately. 

Eligibility to Purchase

If you place order in PARPEE.COM, you are required to have credit cards or AliPay account, with providing valid and accurate personal information and payment details (including but not limited to name, telephone number, delivery address, payment details and other information we needed.) 

Currency and Price

All prices shown on our site are in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)and USD,RMB for reference. Therefore, payments will be charged with HKD. You accept the price shown on our site when you confirm to place the order. We will try our best to ensure the prices shown on the site are accurate, but we do not guarantee that all prices are absolutely correct. We reserve the rights to correct any errors. If we find that the price of your order is incorrect, we will contact you as soon as possible. You can reconfirm the order or cancel the order. If we cannot contact you at once, we will treat the order as cancelled.

If your credit cards do not deal with HKD, the final transaction amount will be converted to the particular currency with the exchange rate determined by your local bank.


All products sold in PARPEE.COM are 100% genuine and authentic. They are all supplied from Hong Kong Authorized Dealer or the original manufacturer from the countries of products’ origin.


PARPEE.COM provides different payment methods for your option. We accept payments made by paypal,VISA, MasterCard and Payme. We are pleased to provide a convenience shopping experience to you.

PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. To make a payment through PayPal, you first need to open an account with PayPal. Please visit PayPal's official website for detailed information on how to create an account and make payments.

Shopping Bag

The supply of the products are under the influence of stock availability and order confirmation. Items in your shopping bag are not reserved, and may be purchased by other customers at anytime. Therefore, to reserve the items, you are advised to settle the payment as soon as possible.

Acceptance of Your Orders

After your process of placing an order and settling the payment, you will receive an email –Order Confirmation to inform you that we have received your order. This email does not represent the acceptance of your order. After we check the stock availability, packing your parcel and sent out the products, you will receive another email notification – Delivery Notification about the order confirmation. This email represents your order is accepted and proceeding to dispatch. The sales contract is, therefore, formed between you and PARPEE.COM.

If there are some situations like out of stock, incorrect prices, incorrect description, unable to receive the payment, or do not meet the purchase eligibility, PARPEE.COM reserves the rights of refusing the order. If you have any enquiry on the order, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Delivery and Collections

After the Order Confirmation, you will receive an email notification – Delivery Notification to inform you the delivery information, including the estimated arrival time of the dispatch. We will try to deliver in the committed time, but we cannot guarantee the delivery time due to the weather, festivals and holiday or some other factors. We cannot control the time of delivery from the delivery companies. PARPEE.COM will not be responsible for any loss from the delay of the delivery time. When you receive the products, you are required to sign the receipt. You accept the responsibility for the products once you signed the receipt. If you (purchaser) are not the receiver, you accept to authorize the receiver to sign the receipt. This implies PARPEE.COM has fulfilled your order, and you accept the associated transfer of the responsibility.

Every parcel that we send out will be sealed with a sticker. If the seal is broken or packaged is damaged, please refuse to accept unless the contents are examined in the presence of the delivering agent (but not including the regions or countries which outside Hong Kong).

Delivery Service

For the delivery service, PARPEE.COM has designated delivery companies. Your rights regarding the delivery of the products shall be governed by the terms and conditions of these delivery companies. We recommend you referring to the terms and conditions. You agree to use the particular delivery company and accept the designated delivery company to handle your delivery products. PARPEE.COM will not be liable to any act or failure of the delivery company. We disclaim any liability on the risks associated with the use of the delivery company.

Free Delivery

When your order reaches a specified net order amount, PARPEE.COM will provide the free delivery service for you. Please refer to the “Delivery Information” for more details. If the net order amount does not reach the requirement, you will need to pay the relevant shipping fee. The shipping cost may vary with the different regions or countries. PARPEE.COM reserves the rights of revising the delivery policy. All revisions are subject to change without further notice.

Import Documents and Fees

When orders are shipped to the regions or countries which are outside of Hong Kong, you are required to pay customs and duties, apply license for your import products. Once order is confirmed and settled payment, you agree to be responsible for any kinds of costs and arrangement of customs or duties, taxes, import license application induced from the import products. The customs charges or import regulations are determined completely by the government of the destination countries, and we have no control over these costs or regulations. We will not pay, arrange, nor be held responsibility for the customs charge or import regulations. If the products is rejected by the customs of the local country, and returned to us, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges.


Once all orders are confirmed and the transaction is completed, no refund or return service will be provided.

If the goods are damaged, please keep the invoice and return the goods in a complete package and exchange them within 5 days from the date of receipt. Please contact us before returning!

The pictures of the goods displayed on this website may not be exactly the same as the descriptions of the listed goods. The pictures are for reference only. Customers have no right to request a return or refund based on the fact that the product is not exactly the same as the online picture.

Product Comment Mechanism

You can submit comments, opinions or other contents to our products in PARPEE.COM, and will be shown on our site. If there are any contents violate the terms and conditions of our site, PARPEE.COM reserves the final decision to remove or refuse to post these kind of contents.

All the submissions of comments, opinions or other contents to PARPEE.COM are non-confidential and non-proprietary. You agree PARPEE.COM to have patent fee free, non-proprietary, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and permissions right. We can use, duplicate, execute, display, distribute, modify your comment and its content. Also, we can use or redistribute the comments commercially or non-commercially in any manner with unrestricted use, we will not compensate for the use of comments. 

Intellectual Property

All the software and content of PARPEE.COM (including any texts, images, graphics or photographs, audios or music, videos, designs, logos or trademarks) are the intellectual properties of IREACH TECHNOLOGY LTD. They are protected by intellectual property, copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Our site reserves the right to pursue. Our site content is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Only authorized by PARPEE.COM or its outsourced companies, can be used for non-commercial purpose. You may not publish, duplicate, broadcast, issue, rewrite or sell any content in our site. Any unauthorized actions may lead to pursue and compensate by law.

PARPEE.COM reserves the rights to withdraw or amend any terms or services without further notices.

Third Party Links

Our site may provide links to other websites that are not operated by PARPEE.COM. Once you entered the websites from the links, these actions represent that you have left our site immediately. We have no control over such sites. For the contents and their accuracy of the external websites, we will not be liable for their contents, copyright or trademark if you have any loss or damage when you use them. We advise you read the terms and conditions of the external websites before you use them. We will not publish or receive the contents from other websites. The contents from other websites do not represent the stand point of PARPEE.COM.

The products selling in our site, any comments or viewpoints of the brand agencies, manufacturers or related people are not reflect the viewpoints of PARPEE.COM. We will not take the responsibility of such viewpoints.

Prohibitions and Failure to Comply

You must agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of our site and you are responsible for any actions taken through your account. If any of your actions or behaviors violate any terms and conditions in our site, e.g. initiating any harmful, indecent or threatening contents; advertising or spamming contents; impersonating others or providing any kind of false information; owning many membership accounts; disrupting the operation of our site. We reserve the rights to forbid or cancel the posting of the contents. We also reserve the rights to suspend or terminate any accounts or forbid enter all or part of the pages.

Reselling Purpose is Prohibited

Our site is for personal use only. All the products may not be purchased for commercial or reselling purposes. If we suspect of any purchasing order, PARPEE.COM reserves the rights of refusing the order.

Product Description

PARPEE.COM will try to ensure the contents and the product descriptions are accurate and complete. As all the contents and product information are from the existing resources, however, we do not guarantee all of the contents and informations are accurate, complete, latest and error-free. PARPEE.COM will try to display the actual product shot, but we cannot guarantee your computer or electronic device can display the product shots accurately.

Meanwhile, before placing an order, we recommend you to read the product descriptions from the manufacturers, such as the information like place of origin, ingredients, use direction and cautions. PARPEE.COM will not be responsible for the accuracy of the product descriptions from manufacturers and the product quality.

Your Rights

All of the terms and conditions in our site are not intended to affect your rights under the Law in Hong Kong SAR.


PARPEE.COM is an online platform for shopping and sharing comments about products by members. The contents and information in our site are provided by manufacturers or comments from members. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, derivative and punitive losses or damages caused from the products purchased from our site (including financial and intangible losses).

We do not guarantee that using the service of our site is error-free. We also do not guarantee that our site or servers are absolutely free of viruses or any harmful components. We recommend you to install the up-to-date software, including anti-virus.

Some issues may happen that are out of our control, such as network failure. We will try our best to maintain the services, but we will not be responsible for any losses caused by these reasons. 

Indemnity, Wavier and Liability

If you violate any terms and conditions of our site, and lead to any losses or damages to PARPEE.COM, you agree to assume liability and compensate PARPEE.COM for all the losses, damages, expenses and fees (including legal fees). If you violate any terms and conditions and we take no actions against you, it does not mean that PARPEE.COM abandons the rights of inquiring into your liability.

You also agree that PARPEE.COM will not assume liability for any losses caused by using our site. You accept to waive any compensation from PARPEE.COM.

System Stability

You acknowledge that we take no responsibility for any system unavailability and incurred any losses or damages of data or information.

Rights of Amendment

PARPEE.COM reserves the rights of any amendment in our site, including contents, designs, functions or services, related policies and regulations, privacy policy as well as this terms and conditions. We recommend you to check the updated policies and regulations, privacy policy as well as this terms and conditions in our site from time to time.

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