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Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator
Brand: Baby Green Bell Model: BA-101
Helps to remove baby's bugger.Using soft materials elastomer, which is gentle to baby's skin...
HK$30.0 HK$32.0
Brand: Braun Model: BNA100
Official Goods, two year warranty. Product Features: 0 months+, great for infants and toddlersErgonomic design allows suction from any angle2 suctions levels (high & low suction levels with fast shut-off)2 soft & washable nasal tip sizesEasy to clean detachable partsQuiet operation..
HK$295.0 HK$299.0
Kai Nasal Decongester Kai Nasal Decongester
-10 %
Brand: Kai Model: KF-0115
Adopted a soft nose piece that fits the baby's nose gently and a thick tube design that is easy for women to suck. It can be used by newborns and infants...
HK$76.0 HK$84.0
Brand: KUKU Duckbill Model: KU5342
Giving you total control over the comfort of your child and removal of mucous.Soft, flexible and clear tip comfortable against your baby's nose. The front-end spherical design will not hurt the baby's nasal mucosa.Each component is easy to disassemble and clean.To clean      &nbs..
HK$36.0 HK$38.0
Brand: KUKU Duckbill Model: KU5373
Quickly clean up the nasal mucus in the baby's nasal cavity without any problemKuku Sinvel Absorber with very soft nozzleEach component is easy to disassemble and cleanCan repeat the action, no backflow will happenHow to use         1. Please insert nozzle into certain posit..
HK$28.0 HK$30.0
Kuku Effortless Nasal Aspirator Kuku Effortless Nasal Aspirator
-10 %
Brand: KUKU Duckbill Model: KU5474
The suction is controlled by your breath, giving you total control over the comfort of your child and removal of mucous.The design of the tip that easily goes on baby’s nose.Mouthpiece is with a stopper preventing less of the product to go into your mouth.Soft, flexible and clear tip comfortable aga..
HK$71.0 HK$79.0
Nuk Nasal Decongester Nuk Nasal Decongester
-12 %
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256804
Help clear mucus from baby's nose.One replacement nozzle...
HK$43.0 HK$49.0
Brand: Pigeon Model: EC22B
Cleaning small areas such as the nose.The tip is round and safe.Made entirely of plastic, it is rust-free and hygienic.Comes with a cap that is convenient for storage...
HK$33.0 HK$36.0
Pigeon Baby Nasal Decongester Pigeon Baby Nasal Decongester
-10 %
Brand: Pigeon Model: CJ3160
The soft tip does not damage the mucous membrane of the baby's nose.Easy to hold.Comes with a hood that is convenient for storage and carrying...
HK$52.0 HK$58.0
Pigeon Nasal Aspirator 0M+ Pigeon Nasal Aspirator 0M+
-10 %
Brand: Pigeon Model: Nasal Aspirator
Suitable for infants over 0 monthsHow to use:Hold the baby slightly tilted, carefully insert the oblique nozzle into the baby's nostrils, and the other end of the adult sucks with the mouth. When the adult inhales, the baby's nasal cavity can be sucked into the small container, separated by a small ..
HK$69.0 HK$77.0
Brand: Piyo Piyo Model: 830113
Soft tube connecting to the mouth piece to help mother suck nasal mucus.Soft tube to connect the mouth pc help mother suck nasal mucus.Short soft tube connected to the inner side of the cover on the same side of the nose piece for collecting nasal mucus...
HK$40.0 HK$44.0
Piyo Piyo Baby Safety Tweezers Piyo Piyo Baby Safety Tweezers
-11 %
Brand: Piyo Piyo Model: 830565
Safety round shape design which can prevent hurting children's soft skin.Including storage cover which is safe, clean and easy to carry out.Special design cover makes the cover won't fall off easily also it's clean to carry out.       UseSuitable for cleaning small parts of body ..
HK$17.0 HK$19.0
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