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Potty/Toilet training

Bumbo Step Potty Bumbo Step Potty
-15 %
Brand: Bumbo Model: 502802
Three In OneThe Bumbo step ‘n potty offers a comprehensive potty training solution for the growing needs of your child. it easily converts from a soft and comfortable potty to a toilet trainer and step.Soft And ComfortableThe luxurious soft material of the baby potty trainer provides comfortable sea..
HK$339.0 HK$399.0
Anpanman 2ways Training Potty seat 1.5Y+ Anpanman 2ways Training Potty seat 1.5Y+
New -10 %
Brand: Anpanman 麵包超人 Model: 4971404315846
Product Description1.5Y+With steps and gripsFixed without slipping*It depends on the shape of the toilet seat, otherwise it may not be installed.Product SpecificationsDimensions: w420 x h540 x d535mm..
HK$415.0 HK$459.0
Brand: munchkin Model: MK10047
American brand Munchkin's Diaper Change Organizer has extra large capacity, which is specially designed for diaper changing. You can put the diapers and other essential items into the organizer, which makes your home more tidy.Features: Can be hanged on closet, diaper changing table or door8 large s..
Little Princess Folding Bath Little Princess Folding Bath
-10 %
Brand: Little Princess Model: Little-Princess
■ Color: Blue/Pink■ Size (about): ○ In use: W46 × D81 × H23cm ○ Inside size: About W41 × D71 × H22cm ○ When folded (about): W47 × D81 × H6.3cm ■ weight (approximately): 1,900 g ■ material: polyester elastomer ■ target age: because after birth intervals also cry so ■ Made in: China **浴盤網需另外購買 Referen..
HK$370.0 HK$409.0
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