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Bodysuits and Rompers

Baby Story  Newborn Bodysuit Underwear (SH-KT12069) Baby Story  Newborn Bodysuit Underwear (SH-KT12069)
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Brand: Baby Story Model: SH-KT12069
We are doing production, meter reading, inspection and packaging in Japan.Milling material excellent in elasticity and water absorption is used.Since the circumference of the shoulder is made into a flat seamer finish, seams are hard to hit the skin.It is a very convenient item so you can change dia..
HK$56.0 HK$62.0
Fario Japan  Underwear 2 Pcs Set (0-4Months) Fario Japan  Underwear 2 Pcs Set (0-4Months)
-20 %
Brand: 日本Fario Model: P6000-5060-20
Ladybug, honeybee, chick printed, A set of newborn combination underwear and short underwear. It is recommended for gifts for childbirth celebration due to the cuteness of changing clothes every day Underwear 2 Pcs Set Dimensions: 50-60cm ( One Size ) Short underwear ( total length -33cm Width Of A ..
HK$239.0 HK$299.0
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