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Abdominal Belt

Brand: Mammy Village Model: 39711
Effectively tighten and flatten yourpostpartum belly, especially helpful after a c-sectionMuti-functional design, keeping yourbelly warm, tighten, and secure all at the same timeMade of stretchable, breathable and lightweight fabric, the adjustable Velcro design allows you adjust the waist size anyt..
HK$169.0 HK$178.0
Brand: Mammy Village Model: 39713
Long girdle style, specialdesigned to restore your beautiful body shapeEase the discomfort after c-section,shortening the pospartumdiscoveryMade of breathable, elastic and sweat-wicking fabric, pure cottonlining that gives you excellent feel and comfortable fitTwo layers of adjustable Velcro belt to..
HK$219.0 HK$238.0
Inujirushi Abdominal Belt Inujirushi Abdominal Belt
-10 %
Brand: Inujirushi 犬印 Model: S3079
Size: M-L (Waist 64-77cm / Hips 87-100cm)..
HK$233.0 HK$259.0
Rosemadame 2 in 1 Abdominal Belt Rosemadame 2 in 1 Abdominal Belt
-10 %
Brand: Rosemadame Model: 012481
Size:M (Waist 66-76cm / Hips 83-93cm)Size:L (Waist 72-82cm / Hips 91-101cm)..
HK$269.0 HK$298.0
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