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Maternity Pad

Brand: Kotex Model: 513231
DescriptionSelf-adhesive Design- Easy to use without sanitary belts and cotton loopSoft Cotton Cover- Offer skin more complete protection..
HK$30.0 HK$32.0
Mammy Village High Absorbency Sanitary Pads (13 x 38cm) (20pcs) Mammy Village High Absorbency Sanitary Pads (13 x 38cm) (20pcs)
New -10 %
Brand: Mammy Village Model: 35690
Product description:20pcs/pack13 x 38cmUltra-ThinHigh absorbent molecules to keep you dry allthe timeHexagon pattern surface to preventleakage with highly efficient dispersionWaterproof polyethylene membrane to keepyou from leakage even with heavy flow/heavy weight30cm wide slip-resistant back tape ..
HK$79.0 HK$88.0
Mammy Village Super-Thin Sanitary Pad (20pcs) Mammy Village Super-Thin Sanitary Pad (20pcs)
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Mammy Village Model: 35689
Product features: Thinner and larger than traditional mats, suitable for long-term use.Strong absorption and anti-backwater , keep it comfortable and dry.Strong absorbent paper, can be quickly absorbed.Soft, breathable and ultra-fine surface for a comfortable and dry look.The polymer absorber a..
HK$52.0 HK$58.0
Mammy Village Ultra-thin Sanitary Pads (13 x 38cm) (12pcs) Mammy Village Ultra-thin Sanitary Pads (13 x 38cm) (12pcs)
New -12 %
Brand: Mammy Village Model: 35687
Product description:12pcs/pack13 x 38cmFlat skin, care for postpartum wounds to avoid pain.Ultra-thin design, fit and comfortable after delivery.It is specially used for postpartum absorption of lochia.Made in Taiwan..
HK$37.0 HK$42.0
Brand: Moony Model: 9081
Peace of mind on the delicate skin of post-partum Product description:Maternity Pads 10pcs7.5 x 40cm - M sizeQuickly absorb large amounts of lochia and postpartum urination, so rest assured!Super fine and soft surface layer, reduce friction, soft and breathable, good comfort!Adopt Japanese tamp..
HK$39.0 HK$43.0
MOTHER-K Miracle Maternity Pad (10pcs) MOTHER-K Miracle Maternity Pad (10pcs)
-7 % Out Of Stock
Brand: MOTHER-K Model: 8809323137965
Product description:Embossing cover without irritation to the wounded areaPremium embo air hole for excellent breathabilityPower absorption system maintains the slim thicknessReliable waterproof surfaceLong secure adhesive tape..
HK$28.0 HK$30.0
Tenson "Loops" Maternity Pad (10pcs) Tenson "Loops" Maternity Pad (10pcs)
-18 %
Brand: TENSON Model: BB0017
Product description:product description:Special "Loops" design, convenient for puerpera to use after showing bloody or "wearing amniotic fluid"Silky cotton soft surface, soft and comfortableEfficient moisture absorption inner layer, effectively locks moisture without back seepage, and the surface is..
HK$37.0 HK$45.0
Brand: TENSON Model: BB0026
Product description:"S" shape body design, more comfortableUltra-width (20 cm) at two ends of the pads, avoid leakage effivetivelyExtra SAP lock the liquid, keeping surface dryExtra long core — 35 (cm)Suitable for: Post-natal motherLadies at monthly periodic timeLadies at long-working hour..
HK$31.0 HK$34.0
Brand: Ultra Ready Model: 612
Product description:Ultra-long cotton pad 49cm for leakage preventionUltra thickness for wound protectionSoft top layer for extra comfort20 Loops are includedUsage instruction: 1. If you need to use the loops: Place one loop at the end of the pad. Bring one end of the loop through the ring..
HK$33.0 HK$35.0
Brand: Ultra Ready Model: 613
Product description:Maternity Pads Self-Adhesive 10pcsUltra-long cotton pad 39 cm for leakage preventionUltra thickness for wound protectionSoft top layer for extra comfortHigh absorbency with polymerUsage instructions: In hospital use: Worn with mesh pants  (Mesh pants sold separately, a..
HK$33.0 HK$35.0
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