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Mesh Pants

Brand: Mammy Village Model: 89999
Product features: Boxer Design — Non-pressuring elastic waist band; provides comfortable and breathable feel.High Elasticity — Suitable for daily wear and able to move freely during postpartum period.Safe to Wear — 100% non-bleached, non-dyed.Soft and Breathable — ..
HK$56.0 HK$59.0
Brand: PERRY 佩儷 Model: P3006
Soft and permeable to air, made with open-work net fabric with interwoven permaelastic threds of lycra for stability, washable. Product description:Made of high-quality net cotton that is soft, highly breathable and elasticEasy to wear and comfortable, with a fixed pad and easy to change.Dispos..
HK$60.0 HK$66.0
Tenson Premium Mesh Pants (5pcs) Tenson Premium Mesh Pants (5pcs)
-8 % Out Of Stock
Brand: TENSON Model: BB0005
Product description:Made of high-grade elastic fiber cotton, it is extremely elastic, highly breathable and comfortable.Mesh weaving method, effective ventilation and anti-sensitiveExtra large and wide crotch design, can completely wrap the maternal abdomen, intimate and comfortableAdvanced material..
HK$55.0 HK$60.0
Ultra Ready Breathable Mesh Pant (L) (1pcs) Ultra Ready Breathable Mesh Pant (L) (1pcs)
-36 %
Brand: Ultra Ready Model: 611
Product description:Size LBreathableSoft & ComfortHighly ElasticDisposable, washable and reusableStretched Size : 100cm - 140cmUse along with Ultra Ready insert or maternity pad..
HK$14.0 HK$22.0
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