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Breastpump Accessories

Spectra Breast Shield Set Spectra Breast Shield Set
-15 %
Brand: Spectra Model: SPT-A101W
Spectra Breast Shield Set is compatible with Spectra Breast Pumps (excluded Dew300), for connecting to wide neck milk storage bottle.Key features:Available in three sizes: 24mm / 28mm / 32mm, to meet every mum's needs.BPA free (0% Bisphenol A), tasteless and non-toxic.Easy to assemble.   A..
HK$128.0 HK$150.0
Spectra Silicone Valve (2 pcs) Spectra Silicone Valve (2 pcs)
-15 %
Brand: Spectra Model: SPT-A202
Spectra silicone valve is a spare accessory which is compatible with Spectra breast shields.Made of silicone material which is safe and resuable.BPA free (0% Bisphenol A), tasteless and non-toxic.Packaging included:2 pieces of silicone valve...
HK$51.0 HK$60.0
Spectra Small Cap Converter Spectra Small Cap Converter
-14 %
Brand: Spectra Model: SPT-A106S
Spectra small cap converter allows use of Spectra wide neck breast shield with standard milk storage bottle.   Mothers can pump directly into milk bottle using the small cap.Compatible with Spectra breast shields and standard milk storage bottleBPA free (0% Bisphenol A), tasteless and non-..
HK$42.0 HK$49.0
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