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Air Purifier/Water Purifier

Air Purifier Water Purifier

3M™ Room Air Purifier KJ306F-GD **Self pick by cash $2539** 3M™ Room Air Purifier KJ306F-GD **Self pick by cash $2539**
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Brand: 3M Model: KJ306F-GD
**Self pick by cash $2539**Delivery $2589**Official Goods, one year warranty. Effectively filter smaller than PM2.5 800 times 0.003um viruses, bacteria, allergens and particulatesVirus (H1N1) removal 99.99% and bacteria removal 99.9% (Tested using Staphylococcus Allbus)3M™ Electret technology e..
HK$2,589.0 HK$4,438.0
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