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Simba Baby Nail Scissors 0M+ Simba Baby Nail Scissors 0M+
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Brand: Simba Model: S1737
Come with cap, for safekeeping when not in use The tip of the scissors is round shape designed, prevent injury from mishandling The blade is made of durable stainless steel, for precise small trim..
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Simba Baby Pillow 1Y+ Simba Baby Pillow 1Y+
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Brand: Simba Model: S8344
Feature of product:The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton cloth, free of fluorescent agent and formaldehyde. The texture is soft and comfortable, and it is breathable and sweat-absorbent.Cute pattern, accompanying the baby to sleep peacefully, removable and washable design, easy to clean.Product spec..
HK$100.0 HK$109.0
Brand: Simba Model: S1517
Suction power controlled by adults, protects baby’s nose.Calabash shaped silicone adapter prevents deep insertion while using.Transparent collection chamber, easy to identify condition of snot.Come with case, more hygienic when on the go...
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Simba Medicine Feeder (Tube Type) Simba Medicine Feeder (Tube Type)
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Brand: Simba Model: S9903
Baby medicine feedingUltra safe : The medicine feeder used Japan imported food grade siliconeThe mixed medicine water is injected directly to baby throat to reduce bitter sense, the medicine feeding is more convenient..
HK$48.0 HK$53.0
Brand: Simba Model: S1745
Designed according to the curvature of the baby's nails, it is compact and easy to trim.The narrow mouth design fits the size of baby's fingers and toes.The rounded edge design is not easy to accidentally hurt the baby...
HK$26.0 HK$28.0
Brand: Simba Model: S1516
Help to abstract nasal mucus. Adapter is made of silicone, prevent deep insertion when using.Suction controlled by adults protects babies' nose.Collection case provide storage of the mucus and prevent mucus backflow or accident intake.Transparent collection case, easy to identify the condition ..
HK$33.0 HK$35.0
Brand: Simba Model: S5014
Feature of product:100% natural organic cotton cloth, certified by the Dutch CU International.Contains no fluorescent agent, formaldehyde does not do any chemical dyeing and finishing, retaining the original cotton color.The pillow-concave design can be supported along the baby's head.High-quality e..
HK$90.0 HK$99.0
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