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Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder 
Suitable for Children 3 Years Old and above

Origin: Ireland

As your child continues to develop and grow, it is important to keep nurturing him with engaging experiences and quality nutrition. ILLUMA® 4 Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder with Bioactive HMO+ Complex is an advanced growing-up milk from the experts at Wyeth Nutrition.

This unique formulation is designed to work in harmony with the human body and help fulfill your child's capacity for greatness.

ILLUMA® 4 Growing-up Formula Milk Powder with Bioactive HMO+ Complex, a unique complex of bioactive oligosaccharides, now contains two types of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs)*, coupled with milk oligosaccharides (MOS)**.

Bioactive HMO+ ComplexIngredients in ILLUMA® 4 Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder formula may support immunity in 3 ways:
  1. Gut barrier
  2. Gut microbiota
  3. Immune function
Sn-2 Palmitate

Sn-2 Palmitate (0.34g/100mL) is easy to absorb and mimics the structure of a natural fat at the molecular level based on our knowledge of the human body.


High-quality whey protein, including Alpha Lactalbumin (Alpha-Protein, 0.16g/100mL). Protein helps to support growth.

Nutrition bundleVitamins A, D and E, iron, zinc, selenium to support immune functions.
Important vitamins, minerals and ingredients that support your child's developmental needs:
  • Lutein (0.017mg/100mL) and DHA (7.3mg/100mL).
  • Vitamin A to support visual development.
  • Choline. It is an essential nutrient important for neurotransmitter synthesis, which may help support brain development and memory function.
  • Vitamin D to support calcium absorption which helps bone mineralization.
No added sucrose (contains naturally occurring sucrose) 


  1. *2'-FL 0.026g/100mL & LNnT 0.013g/100mL, types of HMO, not from human milk
  2. **Other Oligosaccharides 0.68g/100mL

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