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Richell Baby Bottle Storage Box

Product description

To store baby bottles hygienically.
This simple design organizer can be used for long term as your child grows up.
To store baby care products. Use as a tabletop organizer.

Product feature
  • Fits into narrow space!
  • Large space and holds up to 8 wide-neck bottles (bottles only).
  • Door - Double doors help you to take things out easily.
  • Spoon Holder - To drain and store milk spoons.  Also can be used as a bottle holder.
  • Top - Flat top provides space to organize babywares such as baby formula (Large can) and small items.
  • Drainer - To drain and keep things clean. Bottle Holders and Spoon Holder can be fitted to any place you like.
  • Slim shape - This organizer measures 19cm in depth and fits into narrow space.
  • Includes 7 bottle holders.
Product specification

Materials: polystyrene, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer

Storage box size: 31 x 19 x 25H (cm)

Storage box mouth size: 28 x 19.5H (cm)

Load of the top: 1.5kg

Can store baby bottle height: 

  1. When using a bottle holder: 18.5cm
  2. Without bottle holder: 21cm

Heat resistance temperature: 70℃

Made in China

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