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Nishimatsuya disposable waterproof and absorbent disposable diaper mat 10 sheets 60×90cm (Official Goods)

When you're worried about absorbing urine leaks or food spills, you can rest assured that this product is absorbent, water-resistant, and leak-proof!
It measures 60cm x 90cm and will cover your futon nicely.
Absorption per portion of the entire sheet (according to our measurement method)
The surface is non-woven, the interior is paper pulp and polymer absorbent, and the back is waterproof.
It can be used for various purposes depending on your ideas.
made in China
Quantity: 10 pieces
Dimensions: approx. 60 cm x approx. 90 cm (each piece)
Surface material: polyolefin non-woven fabric
Absorbent materials: cotton pulp, absorbent paper, polymer absorbent materials
Waterproof material: polyolefin film
Adhesive material: hot melt adhesive
External material: polyethylene

Waterproof sheets prevent your child from getting the bed wet and soaking into the mattress.
Covering the mattress with a waterproof sheet will prevent bedding from getting wet even if your child wets the bed. In addition, since it does not allow water to pass through, it effectively prevents milk from flowing back into the baby's body.
Every time your baby or child wets the bed or sweats, it can be difficult to remove the sheets and wash and dry them.
Use sheets and pads that prevent bedwetting and night sweats to help reduce the time and effort required in day-to-day parenting.

What type of flashing do you recommend?
A. Flat tarps are best because they dry easily and are easy to remove.
Also, if you find doing laundry every time a hassle, we recommend disposable waterproof sheets.
Since it's something that needs to be replaced frequently, you want to choose something that's as stress-free as possible.

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